Run your show from our control rooms

Our Main Control Room (MCR) and Program Control Rooms (PCR) are the central hub for mixing your event or live show and can run multiple events simultaneously. Cameras, graphics and video sources are brought from all over the world into our well-connected system where they can be directed to one of our vision mixing positions.

Your show can be mixed by your own crew or we can provide the operators. Often a blended approach will be used, with you providing the producers and directors and us providing the technical crew. Our facilities are always monitored by a responsible engineer to ensure that someone is always available to help.

Main control room


Vision mixing

Our control galleries offer visual blending with multiple DVEs and SuperSource devices as standard.



We’re wired for sound, whether it’s coming from one of our studios or coming remotely.


Graphics / VT

You can use multiple VT machines and graphics playback to improve your production.


Remote connections / callers

LiveU, SkypeTX, Sat, vMix Call, SRT, RTMP, WebRTC, Zoom or Teams…you name it, we can bring the feed to our facility and include it in your broadcast.


Communications / remote colleagues

Our digital communication systems allow maximum flexibility for communications within the building and to remote colleagues – or producers working from home.


Fantastic connectivity

With redundant fiber connectivity and high-speed internet, your broadcast comes from a well-connected location!

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Let us work together

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