LED for virtual production, XR and film studios

Will we see the end of the green screen era? A quiet revolution is taking place on film and television sets, virtual production allows productions to create immersive and dynamic sets and backdrops based on simple LED panels instead of elaborate and expensive sets.

LED panels have proven to be an ideal solution and canvas for displaying scenes and backgrounds created in virtual reality. This creates maximum flexibility for production teams to make last-minute set changes or slight changes, comforting actors in an environment that is both real and immersive, improving their performance compared to playing in front of a green screen.

LED studio


More creative freedom

Our LED studio expands the possibilities for creative work and allows teams to intuitively harness the power of virtual production.


Everything under control

By producing in digital environments, uncertainty can be greatly reduced and collaboration between production team members can be significantly improved.


Highly efficient media production

With virtual production, more media is created in less time, and post-production can be reduced almost entirely.

Studio rental

LED wall studio rental for virtual production

The first XR LED studio in Slovenia designed specifically for commercial and branded content virtual production. With a 2.6mm pixel pitch, concave 5 degree curved wall, rich HDR accurate color, Unreal Engine motion tracking integration, our studio space is unmatched under one roof.

Our video production studio rental is ready for full service, turn-key XR Virtual Production. Complete with tracking, our Unreal Engine virtual production setup is available for rent for your production. Don’t waste your time trying to learn how to make your production possible. Partner with the 3600 VPK video studio that specializes in XR commercial and branded content.

360 VPK insists on the customer, and everything is based on the customer’s needs. The company has provided tailor-made solutions for many creative application projects around the world. You can contact us for any needs. LED digital virtual studio integrates the latest LED display technology and virtual camera system, spatial positioning system, real-time rendering system. All systems work together, operate humanized, complement, and strengthen each other. You can achieve stunning professional video shooting results. Combined with XR technology, an LED digital virtual studio has many advantages. 360VPK has successfully provided many excellent cases for its customers.

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