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As the ultimate marketplace for large-screen applications, the control room is central to day-to-day business management, decision-making and emergency response. It plays a key role in the transportation, public safety, management and dispatch, and finance industries. The large screen, which displays a wide variety of information, is the carrier of the visual image and the center of the control room. With the expansion of the market scale and the rise of the application level of the control room, the LED display with fine pixel pitch is increasingly gaining the role of "main force" and becoming the dominant element in the market expansion.
4k directing

Control Room App Features:


Ultra High Definition for high definition and sophisticated display


Ability to access, process, control and display multiple signals and complex signals


Enables 24 hours of continuous operation, with high stability and reliability

Where virtual events come to life

Virtual control rooms are the hub where your hybrid or virtual event comes to life. Virtual and Hybrid Events feature:

  • presentations from multiple locations
  • pre-recorded footage
  • custom graphics

They must come together to create a polished, professional presentation. Expert virtual event producers in our virtual control room combine the best parts of live studio events, stage presentations and more into a truly live event. Our virtual control center can meet all your needs, regardless of the complexity of your virtual live event. Our virtual control room and expert virtual event production technicians seamlessly combine live presenters from your studio, pre-recorded segments and remote live presenters from the virtual event studio into one show. Our team of virtual event producers and technicians will take your event to the next level.

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