We offer a comprehensive LED virtual production solution. 360 VPK is a leading video technology company offering world-class premium equipment and technical services for virtual production, film and television drama, live entertainment, broadcasting, (e)sports and corporate events.

360 VPK provides full technical, creative and production services capabilities to support clients in delivering stunning visual projects for xR and in-camera VFX (ICVFX) productions.



• Photorealistic environments in real time
• Unreal Engine
• Virtual array tools and operations
• Design and optimization



• Production management
• Production and technical consulting
• Virtual production stages
• xR degrees
• Supervision and support on set
• Top production managers and technical staff
• Support



• LED screens
• Custom LED display surfaces
• Media servers
• Switching systems and cameras
• Real-time rendering and visualization
• Camera tracking
• Video system design

Virtual studio

Virtual studio

Virtual production is revolutionising filmmaking. LED screens with quality LED processing are being used as impressive replacements for traditional green screens, enabling filmmakers to capture both live action and CGI in-camera together. Lengthy and expensive location shoots can now be streamlined into one trip – capture the ideal light once then bring it back to the studio and recreate it as many times as needed in a controlled environment.

Main control room

Main control room (MCR)

Run your show from our control rooms
Our Main Control Room (MCR) and Program Control Rooms (PCR) are the central hub for mixing your event or live show and can run multiple events simultaneously.
Your show can be mixed by your own crew or we can provide the operators. Often a blended approach will be used, with you providing the producers and directors and us providing the technical crew.

4K directing

4k directing

Virtual control rooms are the hub where your hybrid or virtual event comes to life. Expert virtual event producers in our virtual control room combine the best parts of live studio events, stage presentations and more into a truly live event. Our virtual control center can meet all your needs, regardless of the complexity of your virtual live event. Our virtual control room and expert virtual event production technicians seamlessly combine live presenters from your studio, pre-recorded segments and remote live presenters from the virtual event studio into one show.

LED studio

LED studio

Will we see the end of the green screen era? A quiet revolution is taking place on film and television sets, virtual production allows productions to create immersive and dynamic sets and backdrops based on simple LED panels instead of elaborate and expensive sets. Transform your ideas into stunning visual narratives using our new 12 x 4m2 led volume, state-of-the-art audio / video equipment and expert staff!

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Production facilities

Our Clients

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy. The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and relationships.

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